Tzumi Alarm Clock 6696Dg (2024)


Ever been in a situation where you overslept and missed out on an important event? If yes, then you know how crucial a reliable alarm clock is. In this article, we'll be diving deep into one of the best alarm clocks on the market - the Tzumi Alarm Clock 6696DG. This isn't just any ordinary alarm clock; it's a game-changer. But what makes it so special? Let's find out.

The Tzumi Brand

Before we delve into the specifics of the Tzumi Alarm Clock 6696DG, let's take a moment to appreciate the brand behind this fantastic product. Tzumi is a renowned company that specializes in innovative consumer electronics. Their products are known for their quality, functionality, and affordability, and the Tzumi Alarm Clock 6696DG is no exception.

Design and Aesthetics

The Tzumi Alarm Clock 6696DG is not your typical alarm clock; it's a blend of modern design and functionality. Its sleek, compact design makes it a perfect fit for any bedside table. The LED display is bright and clear, ensuring you can easily read the time, even in the dark.


When it comes to functionality, the Tzumi Alarm Clock 6696DG goes above and beyond. It doesn't just wake you up; it does so in style. With this alarm clock, you can choose from a range of alarm sounds, from the traditional beep to more soothing tones.

Ease of Use

Despite its advanced features, the Tzumi Alarm Clock 6696DG is incredibly user-friendly. The controls are intuitive and easy to navigate, making setting up alarms a breeze.

Additional Features

The Tzumi Alarm Clock 6696DG isn't just an alarm clock; it's also a wireless charging pad. Yes, you read that right. This alarm clock doubles as a charger for your Qi-enabled devices, making it a perfect bedside companion.


Tzumi is known for its durable products, and the Alarm Clock 6696DG is no different. It's built to last, ensuring you get value for your money.


Considering all its features and the brand reputation, the Tzumi Alarm Clock 6696DG is reasonably priced. It's an investment that guarantees a return in terms of quality, functionality, and durability.


The Tzumi Alarm Clock 6696DG is more than just an alarm clock; it's a lifestyle. It combines design, functionality, and convenience to give you the ultimate bedside companion. Whether you're a heavy sleeper or a tech enthusiast, this alarm clock is a must-have.


1. How do I set the alarm on my Tzumi Alarm Clock 6696DG?

Setting the alarm is straightforward.

Tzumi Alarm Clock 6696Dg (2024)
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