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Swapnex Details

Swapnex is an online investment company owned by Swapnex. The company is located at Australia.

To contact Swapnex, their support team can be reached via phone at N/A or by email at support@swapnex.io.

Their website can be found at :swapnex.io

It is essential to exercise caution and conduct deep research before engaging with any online trading platform, including Swapnex.

To help you make an educated decision, consider checking out our in-depth reviews of two other companies we have recently examined: bnb-eth.com and iex-pro.com.

Traders Opinion

When it comes to protecting yourself from fraudulent online schemes, the first step is to conduct due diligence on the companies that you plan to invest with. Look for reviews and feedback from other users who have already used the same service, which can be found on various forums and social media platforms.

Reading reviews from other traders who have had firsthand experience with Swapnex is essential in evaluating the reliability. These evaluations offer insightful information about the general experience and customer service, which can assist potential investors in making wise decisions.

Unfortunately, after conducting research on various social media platforms and online trading forums, a general theme emerged where users were dissatisfied with their experience with Swapnex. This user feedback suggests that Swapnex is not a trustworthy company, and extreme caution should be exercised before investing through their brokerage platform.

It is essential to note that there are many brokers operating under fake company names or engaging in other fraudulent operations. Therefore, conducting preliminary research can go a long way in protecting both you and your finances from potential scams.

How To Withdraw From Swapnex?

If your funds are stuck in your Swapnex account, it is advisable to attempt contacting them initially through every possible means and request a withdrawal. This will provide you with evidence to present to authorities later on, should they refuse to process your cashout.

Sadly, Swapnex is not regulated or authorized to operate by any major regulatory authority. As a result, withdrawing from this company might prove to be challenging if they choose to ignore your request or suspend your account for no valid reason.

If an investment company lacks a license from the regulator in your jurisdiction, it basically means that they are unregulated in your country and should be avoided. Therefore, even when a company is regulated, it is still preferable to avoid it if the regulator is located outside your jurisdiction.

Investing time in extensive research before dealing with an online investment website can protect you from potential losses and stress in the future.

Read more about this topic in our dedicated article: Financial Regulatory Authorities.

Is Swapnex Legit or a Scam?

When searching for brokers to conduct your trading activities with, the first and most important step should always be to learn about their certification(s). This will tell you whether they are regulated by a central authority or if Swapnex is an offshore and/or unregulated entity.

When a broker is unregulated or regulated by an entity outside of your jurisdiction, you have limited to no legal recourse in the event that your funds are compromised. In an event of theft, complaints can only be made if that broker is licensed by the regulator in your jurisdiction.

Some examples of regulatory authorities that issue brokerage licenses are:

  • The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC)
  • The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)
  • The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC)

If a broker is not licensed by the regulatory authority in your jurisdiction, that likely means that they are unregulated and should be avoided. Even if the brokerage is regulated, it is best to avoid it if the regulator happens to be outside your jurisdiction.

How Investment Scams Work?

Among the most prevalent investment scams are high-yield profit programs, Ponzi schemes, fraudulent cryptocurrency investment plans, stock and bond scams, bank investment scams, and more.

The most common method used by these companies is to initially display profitable returns that give the investor a false sense of confidence, and hook them to the idea of ‘easy money’. Once this confidence is established, the investor will be marketed the idea of investing more money to earn greater returns. Additionally, other incentives may also be provided to encourage the investor to get their friends and family onboard the platform too.

When the fraudulent company determined that it has acquired all possible funds from an investor, the account may be suspended, rendering the investor incapable of accessing their capital.

A lot of them might pretend to be established in a regulated jurisdiction, and display fabricated regulatory licenses and addresses on their websites in an attempt to improve their credibility.

Exercise caution and corroborate information through different sources. Maintaining continuous vigilance is crucial when dealing with online investment companies.

More info about investment scams:

  • Diamond Investment Scams
  • Investment Scams
  • Ponzi Schemes Scams

Got Scammed by Swapnex?

If you have lost money with Swapnex, stay calm. It has likely happened to many others, and it its important to learn from these experiences. Do not forget that even the most cautious investors can fall victim to online fraud.

Chargeback Is Your Solution!

The good news is that there is help available. The team at MyChargeBack – a specialist group dedicated to helping consumers recover funds lost online – can help you for your chargeback process:

  • 24/7 availability: Get help whenever you need it.
  • Free consultation: Evaluate your case without any upfront costs.
  • Quick processing: Expedite the recovery of your funds from Swapnex.
  • High success rate: Boost your chances of successful fund recovery.

Relying on a reputable service like MyChargeBack is crucial when dealing with online scams, as the typical chargeback process can often be complicated and time-consuming without the proper guidance.

5 Simple Steps to Get a Chargeback From Swapnex

Follow our straightforward guide to efficiently reclaim your lost funds from Swapnex with minimal hassle.

  1. Complete the Form: Begin by completing the form above, providing necessary details about your case. This allows the team to understand your situation with Swapnex and prepare for the consultation.

  2. Get A Free Consultation: Schedule a free consultation with MyChargeBack team of experts. During this consultation, they will assess your case and offer guidance on the best course of action to recover your lost funds from Swapnex.

  3. In-Depth Case Analysis: As you proceed with MyChargeBack, their expert team conducts an in-depth analysis of your case, identifying the optimal chargeback strategy for fund recovery based on your unique circumstances.

  4. Recovery Process: Their team of specialists scrutinizes your case, collects evidence, and negotiates with the involved parties to expedite the recovery of your funds. MyChargeBack team will consistently communicate with you and your bank or card issuer during the chargeback process.

  5. Fee Payment: Upon successful recovery of your funds lost to Swapnex, MyChargeBack charges a fee as a percentage of the reclaimed amount. If fund recovery is unsuccessful, no fees apply, except in exceptionally complex cases.

Through these five straightforward steps, MyChargeBack simplifies the fund recovery process, enabling you to reclaim your money from Swapnex with minimal inconvenience.


Is Swapnex a Legitimate Company to Trade With?

Unfortunately, Swapnex is not a trustworthy company to deal with, as they are not registered or regulated by any major regulatory authority, such as the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

What Are the Risks of Using Swapnex?

The risks involved in using unregulated companies like Swapnex include the inability to file a complaint with a credible regulatory authority in case of a dispute.

What Should I Do If I Have Been Scammed by Swapnex?

First and foremost, report the incident to your local authority department. If no resolution can be reached, there is still hope to recover your funds from Swapnex by attempting to open a chargeback case with your bank or credit card provider.

How Can I Get Help for Filing a Chargeback Case?

Since the process of filing a chargeback case can be relatively complex and time-consuming, we recommend seeking assistance from our partner, MyChargeBack, by completing the form provided on top of the page.

In the event of an exceptionally complex case they may require an upfront fee, as building your case will necessitate initial resources. Otherwise, if successful, MyChargeBack will be compensated by retaining a percentage of the recovered funds from Swapnex, typically around 20%.

How Can I Avoid Being Scammed Online?

To prevent falling victim to scams in the future, always ensure that you deal with legitimate companies that are fully regulated by major regulators, such as the FCA, like ForTrade.


Can I still get my money back after being scammed? ›

Contact your bank immediately to let them know what's happened and ask if you can get a refund. Most banks should reimburse you if you've transferred money to someone because of a scam. This type of scam is known as an 'authorised push payment'.

How do you get your money back from a company that scammed you? ›

Report the scam to consumer protection agencies.

For example, in the US, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) investigates and builds cases against scammers. You may be able to recover some of your money from an FTC lawsuit or settlement. The FTC has a complaint tool on its website that you can use to submit a complaint.

Can banks refund scammed money? ›

If scammers have access to your bank account

If you lost money to a fraudster, you might think your funds are gone forever. But in some situations, banks do refund scammed money.

What to do if you get scammed and they take your money? ›

Federal Trade Commission: Contact the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) at 1-877-FTC-HELP (1-877-382-4357) or use the Online Complaint Assistant to report various types of fraud, including counterfeit checks, lottery or sweepstakes scams, and more.

How does refund scamming work? ›

Refunding fraud is about getting refunds without returning goods. For example, a customer buys an item, requests a refund once they get it, then makes a false claim that prevents them from sending the item back to you. And this trend is on the rise.

How do I recover a scammed Cryptocurrency? ›

If you are a victim of a crypto scam, joining a class action lawsuit can help you in recovering some or all of your funds. A class action lawsuit pools together many victims who have suffered similar crypto losses. This makes it easier to hold the perpetrators accountable and seek justice.

How long does it take to get scammed money back? ›

If the merchant can prove to the issuing bank that the transaction is legitimate and the cardholder's claims are false, they can get their money back. However, this process will generally take at least 30 days, and often longer. The process for fighting friendly fraud is called chargeback representment.

How do I get money back from a company that won't respond? ›

Company Won't Give You a Refund? Here's How to Get Your Money Back
  1. Try to Work it Out with the Merchant First.
  2. Option 1: Request a Chargeback.
  3. Option 2: Consider Mediation.
  4. Option 3: Sue in Small Claims.
  5. Option 4: Pursue Consumer Arbitration.
  6. FairShake Can Help Make Arbitrating a Breeze.

What can I do if a company scammed me? ›

To file a complaint, just go to ftc.gov/complaint, and answer the questions. Or call That's all there is to it. If you've been ripped off or scammed, complain to the Federal Trade Commission. It can help put the bad guys out of business.

Can you contact your bank if you have been scammed? ›

If you've sent money or shared your banking details with a scammer, contact your financial institution immediately. They may be able to stop a transaction, or close your account if the scammer has your account details.

Can you track a scammer? ›

One of the best ways to track down a scammer is by reporting them to the police. The process for reporting an incident will vary depending on how it was committed, but once filed, you should receive a number that you can keep for your records. Once the police have your information, they can act against the scammer.

Can a bank track a refund? ›

An Acquirer Reference Number (ARN) is a unique number assigned to a credit card transaction as it moves through the payment flow. It can be used by banks to help trace your refund if it appears to be missing. An ARN will be available for Visa and Mastercard charges.

How do I report a scammer to my bank account? ›

Please make a police report at any police station as soon as possible within 24 hours. This will enable investigation by the authorities into your case.

What happens when a scammer finds out you are on to them? ›

Once a scammer has you “hooked” in an online relationship, they'll start asking you to send them money, gift cards, or expensive gifts.

How do you report a scammer? ›

If you've lost money, possessions, or other personal and valuable information, call your local police department. Visit the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to report the scam online at ReportFraud.ftc.gov. The FTC works to protect consumers and offers tips to help safeguard personal information.

What happens if you get caught scamming online? ›

Online Fraud, Hacking and Phishing in California

If you are convicted, you may be facing: $1,000 to $10,000 in fines. Up to 3 years in county jail. Restitution to the victim.

What are refund methods? ›

Refund methods are the means by which money is credited to customers returning merchandise. Refund method are configured in the POLICY database table by Payment policy types. For example, for a credit card payment method, the refund method is also a credit card. Payment, refund, and return payment business policies.

Does crypto refund for stolen money? ›

No, Coinbase will not refund you if you're scammed. If you take part in the fraudulent activity that led to you getting scammed, Coinbase will not refund you. You need to do due diligence before sending your digital assets to anyone.

Can you report a crypto scammer? ›

Go to your local police station to report a crime, or to FBI's Internet Crime and Complaint Center (IC3) or to the Federal Trade Commission at the Federal Trade Commission.

Can a crypto transaction be reversed? ›

No. Once confirmed, transactions in crypto are permanent. They can't be canceled, altered, or reversed. No one can cancel or reverse transactions once they have been written to the blockchain (confirmed).

What information does a scammer need to access my bank account? ›

The easiest way to become a victim of a bank scam is to share your banking info — e.g., account numbers, PIN codes, social security number — with someone you don't know well and trust. If someone asks for sensitive banking details, proceed with caution.

How do I report an online scammer? ›


How do I demand a refund? ›

How to Demand a Refund (5 steps)
  1. Step 1 – Read the Refund Policy.
  2. Step 2 – Find Your Receipt.
  3. Step 3 – Detail the Reasons for a Refund.
  4. Step 4 – Request Payment or Credit.
  5. Step 5 – Get Paid or Take Further Action.
Jan 23, 2023

What do you say to a company to get your money back? ›

Contact the business.
  1. Be clear with your complaint. State why you are unhappy. ...
  2. Also state you want a refund. The company might try to give you something else, such as store credit, if you aren't clear.
  3. Realize that the first person you speak to might not be able to help you.

How do you ask for money back? ›

How to get money back from someone
  1. Avoid confrontation. Avoiding confrontation is a good rule of thumb in any situation, but especially with money. ...
  2. The friendly reminder. ...
  3. Highlight your own financial needs. ...
  4. Ask for your money back in writing. ...
  5. Be flexible.
Jan 3, 2023

Does filing a complaint with the FTC do anything? ›

The FTC's Bureau of Consumer Protection stops unfair, deceptive and fraudulent business practices by: collecting complaints and conducting investigations. suing companies and people that break the law. developing rules to maintain a fair marketplace.

Can a scammer access my bank account? ›

Yes, this is possible. Identity theft was the number one reported type of fraud in 2020 [*], according to the FTC. When scammers gain access to your personal information by phishing, for example, they can do one or more of the following: Gain access to your bank account and spend or transfer all your money.

How long does it take for a bank to refund stolen money? ›

The bank or credit union must then resolve the issue in 45 days, unless the disputed transactions were conducted in a foreign country, were conducted within 30 days of account opening, or were debit card point-of-sale purchases. In those cases, you may have to wait as long as 90 days for the issue to be fully resolved.

What happens if money is transferred but not received? ›

What happens if money is transferred but not received? If money is transferred but not received, the sender should contact the bank or service used to initiate the transfer to track the transaction. They can also contact the recipient's bank to inquire if the funds have been received.

Can police catch a scammer? ›

Law enforcement will obtain a search warrant from a judge authorizing them to search for and seize evidence related to the online scam. This may include computers, cell phones, bank records and other documents. Another common way the federal government gathers evidence is through subpoenas.

Can police help me find scammer? ›

If you have fallen victim to a scam, your local police department should be able to help along with the resources mentioned above. It is generally best to file a police report on a scammer, reach out to your bank, and file a complaint with the appropriate federal agency as soon as possible after you have been scammed.

Can the police do anything about an online scammer? ›

The FTC investigates and prosecutes cases involving a wide range of online fraud, including identity theft, fake sweepstakes, credit scams, and more. You can also file fraud complaints with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The perpetrators of online scams are often charged with federal wire fraud crimes.

Can a bank deny a refund? ›

Your bank can only refuse to refund an unauthorised payment if: it can prove you authorised the payment. it can prove you acted fraudulently. it can prove you deliberately, or with 'gross negligence', failed to protect the details of your card, PIN or password in a way that allowed the payment.

Can a bank reject a refund? ›

If funds aren't available or the bank refuses to return the funds, the IRS cannot compel the bank to do so. The case may then become a civil matter between you and the financial institution and/or the owner of the account into which the funds were deposited.

How long does a bank have to refund? ›

For bank deposit refunds, it may take 2-3 business days for the funds to reflect in your account. For credit card refunds, it depends on your bank's payment processing times and payments could take 5-7 business days to reflect in your account.

How can someone use my credit card without having it? ›

Card-not-present theft: This is the fraudulent use of a credit card account without possession of a physical card. Fraudsters might obtain your information through phishing or hacking, and some criminals sell card data online on the dark web.

What crime does scamming fall under? ›

A deliberate scheme to obtain financial or similar gain by using false statements, misrepresentations, concealment of important information, or deceptive conduct is known as fraud.

How do you recover from being scammed? ›

Steps to Recovering from a Con, Scam, or Fraud Scheme
  1. Recovering from a con, scam or fraud scheme may be a long and difficult process. ...
  2. Step 1: Keep track of your credit report.
  3. Step 2: Consider filing an extended fraud alert.
  4. Step 3: Think about filing a civil suit in court.
  5. Step 4: Don't blame yourself.

What are the consequences of getting scammed? ›

Fraud can have a devastating impact on these victims, exacerbating their disadvantage, vulnerability, and inequality. Victims of fraud may also suffer long-term mental and physical trauma. Individuals and businesses lose opportunities as a result of fraud.

Do banks reimburse stolen money? ›

Do banks reimburse stolen money? Banks and credit card companies usually reimburse stolen money, but they don't always have to. If you lose a debit card or have it stolen and don't report the fraud right away, it's possible your bank won't refund stolen money and you could be liable for some of the losses.

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