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What Is the GST Identification Number (GSTIN)/GST Number?

GSTIN or Goods and Services Tax Identification number is a 15-digit alphanumeric code to identify every taxpayer registered under Goods and Services Tax (GST).

It is a PAN-based unique number that helps to track a registered taxpayer. In addition to the GSTIN, a GST taxpayer gets a GST registration certificate.

Thus, your GSTIN represents you under the GST tax regime. You can even have multiple GST numbers. It depends on the states or union territories where you operate your business.

The previous tax regime required multiple registration numbers like VAT, Service Tax, and Excise. But, things are no longer complicated because GSTIN has replaced the other registration numbers.

You have to register yourself under GST on crossing a threshold limit of income.

Why is it Important to Verify GSTIN or GST Number?

GST identification number search and verification is crucial as it helps you to check the authenticity of a taxpayer. That's what makes it so indispensable for businesses.

You can check whether your vendors are authentic taxpayers before signing a contract. That will help you do business ethically and be a responsible citizen.

Some vendors often manipulate their GSTIN to avoid tax payments. So, verifying the GST with a GST search number tool will let you understand if the vendor's invoice is genuine.

Moreover, GST verification helps you file correct tax returns for a given tax period. Plus, it lets you claim your Input Tax Credit, which you lose in case of incorrect or fake GSTIN.(Input Tax Credit lets you deduct the tax you have already paid on the purchase of goods while paying taxes during the supply of goods.)

GST Identification Number Format?

Even before conducting a GST search number check and assessing the validity of the GST number, you can determine whether it is in the correct format. The GST number structure consists of 15 characters. And here's what the 15 characters of a GSTIN stand for -

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  • The first two numbers indicate the state code of the registered GST taxpayer.
  • The next 10 characters show the PAN number.
  • The next number is the entity number of the same PAN holder in a state.
  • The next character will always be the alphabet Z (by default).
  • The last character is usually a number, which is a check code for the detection of errors.

TranZact's GST Number Search Tool

TranZact's GST number search tool lets you check the GSTIN authenticity with a single click. You can search any GST number and verify whether it is genuine and valid. Thus, it prevents you from doing business with vendors having fake GSTINs

This GST search tool is free of cost. So, it comes in handy for your business whenever you want to check the authenticity of a vendor.

How to use TranZact's GST Search Tool and GSTIN Validator?

Using TranZact's GSTIN verification tool is easier than you could imagine.

  • Enter the GSTR number in the search box.
  • Click on the search button. And you will see the results of the GST search number.

You will get the following details if the GST number is valid.

  • The registered name of the business
  • The place of operations (principal and additional)
  • Date of registration of the business
  • State of jurisdiction
  • Business constitution and composition (whether company, sole proprietorship, or partnership)
  • Type of taxpayer (regular or composition dealer)
  • Status of GSTIN
  • Cancellation date (if available)

After a successful GST number check and GST status verification, you can proceed to make a business agreement with the vendor or clear their invoice. Plus, you can go ahead with filing your GST returns too.

Benefits of an Online GST Search & Verification Tool or GSTIN Validator

GSTIN search number check using an online GSTIN search tool has numerous advantages:

  • Helps to check the authenticity of any GST number
  • Lets you verify if the GSTIN on a hand-written invoice is fake
  • Helps you avoid a GSTIN fraud
  • Prevents you from getting into business deals with vendors having a fake GSTIN
  • Lets vendors correct any errors in GSTIN reporting
  • Ensures your hard-earned money goes into the right pockets (and saves you from tax default)

Where and How to Complain About Fake GSTIN?

You must check the GSTIN in a GST number search tool before clearing any invoice. If you see that the GST number is fake or invalid, you can always complain to the competent authority.

You can file your complaints at the GST complaint portal. It is an easy process where you don't need to write emails or make calls. Just follow these steps -

  • Enter the keyword related to your complaint in the 'Type the Issue or Concern' box.
  • You'll see a list of problems related to the given keyword. Select your specific problem.
  • The system will provide some FAQs related to the issue. Read them and see if they solve the issue.
  • If the FAQs don't solve your problem, you can file a complaint.
  • Click on 'No, I want to lodge my complaint.
  • You will get redirected to a page where you have to type the issue.

There you go! You have successfully lodged your complaint.

Stay Ahead and Stay Alert!

Now that you know how to verify a GST number, you can run your business efficiently. Performing a GST number search before every business transaction will help you stay away from fraud.

TranZact's GST number search tool lets you verify a GST number within seconds. You can also conduct a GST number search by company name or PAN. Check out the tool now and make your business operations more smooth and profitable!


Can you search GST number by name?

Yes, the GST search by name tool lets you search for GST number by name. However, the best way to check the authenticity of the GSTIN is by the GST number itself.

How to find name from GST number?

When you enter the GSTIN in TranZact's GST number search tool, you will get the name of the vendor.

Can we find the owner's name from GST Number?

Yes, you can find the owner's name with a GST number verification tool. When you enter the GSTIN, the registered name of the owner gets displayed.

Can we find the company's address from GSTIN?

Yes, you can find the place where the company operates through a GST number check.

How to check whether the GST number is active or not?

Any GST number search tool can help you check whether a GST number is active or not. You will get the details of the business if the GSTIN is active. Otherwise, the tool will display an error message.

How to find GST number by PAN?

The GST number search by PAN feature helps you search the GSTIN if you have the PAN number. But it is based on trial and error. So, the best way of GSTIN authentication is with the GST number.

What are the uses of GSTIN?

Your GSTIN acts as proof that you pay the Goods and Services Tax. It is also an identification number that proves the authenticity of a vendor. Moreover, you can easily get a business loan if you have a GST number.

Can you hold multiple GSTIN or GST numbers?

Yes, you can have multiple GST numbers. You require separate GSTINs for every business you own or for every location your business operates in.

Is it mandatory to mention GSTIN on invoices?

It is mandatory to register for GST when you cross a certain threshold of revenue. If you are registered under GST, you must mention your GSTIN in all your invoices.

GST Number Search | TranZact (2024)


How do I validate GST number in Excel? ›

  1. First 2 characters i.e. State Code must be between 01 to 37.
  2. Next 10 characters i.e. PAN is validated as illustrated in ISVALIDPAN function.
  3. 13th character must be between 0 to 9.
  4. 14th character must be Z.
  5. Checksum is calculated based on 14 characters & is matched with 15th character of GST Number.

How do I verify multiple GST numbers? ›

To use a GST verification API, you need to follow these steps:
  1. Purchase a GST verification API from a reliable provider such as Master India.
  2. Integrate the API into your system or ERP using the documentation and support provided by the provider.
  3. Enter multiple GST numbers that you want to verify in your system or ERP.
Mar 8, 2023

How do I validate a number only in excel? ›

Select the cell(s) you want to create a rule for. Select Data >Data Validation . On the Settings tab, under Allow , select an option: Whole Number - to restrict the cell to accept only whole numbers.

How do I verify my GST number using API? ›

How to Verify GST:
  1. Once You receive the link to the inquiry form, access it and fill in your details.
  2. After this, the GST verification API is to be integrated.
  3. Enter the GSTIN Number in the dialogue boxes.
  4. The API verifies the respective GSTIN from the GSTIN Department databases. You can extract the data.

How do I verify GST? ›

You can verify a GST number if it is correct and valid (or not expired) by using the Clear GST number search tool. Enter the GSTIN on hand and instantly get details about the taxpayer, buyer, or supplier. If the GST number is invalid, the search tool will display it as an invalid GST number.

How do I authenticate GST? ›

Open a browser and head-up to Here either click on REGISTER NOW link or navigate to Services > Registration > New Registration option. During the usual procedure of GST Registration opt for Aadhaar authentication, by clicking on the Aadhar Authentication Tab.

How do I verify my GST return? ›

The steps listed below can be used to verify the status of your GST return filing online: You can access the GST website at After entering your login information, select Service > Returns > Track Return Status. From the drop-down menu, pick “Status of Return.”

What is the GST number of Excel? ›


How do I set up GST in Excel? ›

How to Calculate GST in Excel
  1. Click on the cell where you want to calculate GST at 15% (B2).
  2. Go to the Formula bar.
  3. Write the formula “=B1*15%.” Note: Alternatively, you can write the formula as “=B1*. 15”. Either way will work.
  4. Press the Enter key on your keyboard.
Mar 13, 2023

How do I fix validation error in GST? ›

Taxpayer must verify the Name and Date of Birth related details submitted by him in Promoter /Partner and Auth. signatory tab. Put these details from taxpayers Income Tax Profile and not as printed on copy of PAN Card.

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