15 Uncommon And Tasty Venison Recipes (2024)

Put on those kitchen rags after the hunt and start cooking these tasty venison recipes for mealtime!

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Venison Recipes to Try this Hunting Season!

1. Deer Heart with Peppers


Eat your heart out looking at this plate of tempting deer hearts. Honestly, don’t this plate of food make your mouth water?

No problem with that, we don’t judge, but why can’t you help looking at a plate of a grilled venison heart? We can’t help it either!

You’ve probably grilled these parts before but have you tried marinating, first? You don’t have to but if you want it more flavorful and tantalizingly moist, try the recipe and find out the difference for yourself.

2. Braised Venison Shanks with Garlic


After enjoying the hunt and going in for the kill, there is no better way to finish off a thrilling experience than cooking and eating the deer meat.

What’s even best with deer meat you hunted yourself is that you get access to prime cuts and parts. Take this braised venison shanks with garlic which will fill your mind with regrets — regret ignoring the shanks all along.

3. Shredded Venison Sandwiches


This is a new spin on the classic barbecue sandwich — a quick and easy venison recipe. You only have to dump all the ingredients and let your slow-cooker do the cooking.

Of course, you can’t do this when out camping and hunting. But this recipe is perfect for the venison meat you have right in the freezer.

With that meat in-store, you will need this shredded venison sandwich recipe on hand.

4. Stuffed Venison Backstrap


Venison is said to be a better option than beef or other red meats since it has been found to have more nutritional benefits. Let’s high-five to that because we need to be guilt-free to enjoy this stuffed venison backstrap.

It is sinfully delicious which will render us all outlaws in the name of healthy eating.

5. Crockpot Apple Cider Venison Roast


I wanted to make something hearty for a cold night. So I thought about what I had on hand and decided to cook one of my favorite venison roast recipes.

The great thing about a crockpot is, you don’t necessarily need a recipe. You can just wing it and throw some stuff in and see what happens!

It turned out great and was unbelievably easy! So here’s what I did–a slow-cooker apple cider-venison stew.

6. Venison Pot Stickers


The usual venison recipes are mostly served as main dishes, so we’re excited for this venison recipe you can serve as an appetizer, a side dish, or a snack treat.

It is also a great recipe for ground venison. So if you have some ground venisons left from the venison meatloaf you had, this venison pot-stickers recipe is perfect!

7. Three-Cheese Venison Burger Pasta


If you’re extra fond of ground venison recipes, this recipe is perfect. Pasta recipes are a great way to use up stocks of ground venison stored on your fridge.

It’s also fantastic most pasta recipe has cheese and buttermilk for ingredients. This will help take out the gamey aroma and taste of venison.

This venison burger pasta recipe with three-cheese couldn’t be any perfect. Plus it comes with 9 more uncommon and savory ground venison recipes you’ll love.

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8. Venison with Red Wine Chocolate Sauce

You can never say no to any venison recipes from Gordon Ramsay. Let’s take your game to a whole new level of cooking in gourmet with red wine and chocolate sauce added to the equation.

Expect herbs such as thyme and bay leaves added to the whole enchilada. Gordon Ramsay knows best knowing these herbs will eliminate any gamey taste or aroma from the venison meat.

9. Braised Venison Tongue


No self-respecting game hunter will let any part of a game go to waste. Some may cringe at the idea but the tongue of either a game or livestock are such tasty and meaty untapped part.

Find out for yourself in this braised venison tongue recipe. They make great appetizers or snack treats with crackers or biscuits.

10. Wild Mushroom and Venison Stroganoff


This recipe couldn’t be any perfect for hunters who are also expert edible mushroom hunters. Wild mushrooms definitely complement venison meat in this stroganoff rendition.

What’s even best with this venison recipe is that it is special from the master chef Jamie Oliver. With a venison recipe as creamy and delicious as this once, you will never look at game meat the same way again.

11. Tangy Venison and Noodles


This week we’re digging into the freezer, and what usually comes out is venison. I absolutely love beef tips and noodles, so I thought I’d give it a try with venison.

Results: A remarkably tangy venison tips and noodles. Kiddo wolfed down two plates and begged to have it in her lunch box the next day… husband even smiled. (he’s such a charmer). 😉

12. Venison Swedish Meatballs


People benefit a lot from eating venison since it is higher in iron than other red meats, making it a more ideal and better source of the mineral for people who have an iron deficiency. Venison also has a lower amount of saturated fat and lower calories, yet it has more protein than beef.

This is why we are giving the common ground beef meatballs recipe an unusual twist. We are making Swedish meatballs from ground venison.

I wonder if we can still call this a Swedish meatball recipe with the venison twist. Nonetheless, I’m pretty positive we gave Swedish meatballs a makeover with the venison twist.

13. Venison Stuffed Peppers


There’s nothing uncommon about the well-loved traditional stuffed peppers. What makes this recipe a little out-of-the-ordinary is the ground venison substitute.

This venison stuffed peppers will melt your heart, a lot like melted cheese on top of savory seasoned ground venison stuffed in hollowed-out sweet and spicy peppers!

14. Easy Beef and Broccoli with Venison Stir Fry


It has also been found that venison can help lower a person’s risk of osteoporosis since it is rich in vitamins B12 and B6, as well as niacin and riboflavin. It is also a good choice for people who are at risk for heart disease since it is lower in cholesterol and its fat content is lower and even healthier than beef.

We are not stopping at venison but we are also adding other healthy ingredients. If you’re up for some Chinese restaurant take-out, try this venison and broccoli stir-fry.

Broccoli is a healthy vegetable which goes along well with venison.

15. Jamie Oliver Venison Pie


Jamie Oliver is not to be outdone with a venison pie recipe of his own. Besides, the British were known to be big-game hunters so it comes as no surprise, they have some of the most uncommon venison recipes–at least to game hunters across the pond.

Make room for one more slow-cooker venison steak recipe in this video from KYA field:

Forget about stews, roast, and venison jerky, and try new venison recipes which are actually good. Do justice to a slice of delicious venison meat by exploring recipes which will bring out the best in non-mainstream meat.

With these uncommon recipes, we’re sure you will put off venison stew for a while and dig these easy recipes for your meat at hand. There’s no reason to just stick to the basics year after year when there are so many recipes you can make with this versatile meat.

Do you have other unique or uncommon venison recipes? Share them with us in the comments section below!

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15 Uncommon And Tasty Venison Recipes (2)

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on November 6, 2014, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

15 Uncommon And Tasty Venison Recipes (2024)
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